Hardy County Community Emergency Response Team

  • Doug Mongold, Chairperson
  • 157 Freedom Way
  • Moorefield, WV 26836
  • 304.530.0291 




When a disaster happens and our resources are maxed out we deploy CERT teams to support first responders and citizens. They arrive, they organize using the incident command system and they prioritize doing the greatest good for the greatest number.  Theres a number of key modules that they go over throughout the 20 hours of the CERT training program. One being first supression, they learn how to use uh fire extinguishers, they also learn disaster medical aid and how to triage people and sort them into the highest level of injuries. They learn light search and rescue and how to locate folks and identify how you might be able to extricate them from debris.  They learn a little bit about how to organize themselves, especially since they're all neighbors and trying to find way that they can be better able to help each other out during an emergency. All emergencies are local and the CERT program helps citizens be prepared for when a disaster strikes. Its a great tool that FEMA uses to make sure that the every day citizen, those people who are the first on scene have the tools and skills they need to respond to a disaster.

- Location: Nashua, NH

Video by Dominick Biocchi - Mar 06, 2016
Education made possible by FEMA.

Updated 10/31/2017